Robyn Interview!

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"I want the melodies, I want the bittersweet."

A couple of weeks ago I met the utterly adorable Robyn for tea and talk about taking control, anti-pop attitudes, and the science of great songwriting - full interview on

Also there you can find my reviews of the album, Joss Stone and the Fratellis - plus more cool musicy things.

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1 Responses to “Robyn Interview!”

  1. Blogger J-Dog 

    Oww!! great interview!! I'm so happy to see our Robyn is back on the scene and as creatively bubbly as ever!
    In terms of the British music scene, what is the current state of the "pop baggage" issue? I'm only uptodate enough to know that Emma B. & All Saints have fallen nastily from their precariously reclaimed thrones! Time was, the CW was that Brits were fanatic loyalists to their pop stars-- is that all over?


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