The End

Yes, I'm done. Here at least. Poptext is migrating to a shiny new home over at wordpress, and expanding to include general pop culture stuff, YA author-i-ness, life & more. I figured I wouldn't clutter up your rss feeds, but if you want to come along and update your bookmarks, do!

I've copied the archives over, but I'll be leaving them up here too. will automatically redirect, as will (once I get my web guru to decode, that is).

It's been grand. Really, it has. When I read back over the past few years, it amazes me how much this blog expanded my world and what excellent people it brought into my life. I started writing alone in my dorm room, trying to distract myself from college, and wound up finding a career, of sorts. I've been published and paid. I've travelled to new and wonderful places across the world, meeting folks I wouldn't know without these musings, and I've found a love for music I never knew I could possess. See, I don't play any instruments, I can't even read music, and those who have experienced the wonder of my kareoke know that I can barely carry a tune. But delving into songs, picking the threads and chords apart, I discovered that it doesn't matter at all. I can feel music, and I can try to find the words to tell you about it, and that's as much as anyone should need.

But it's time for some shift in direction. I've just set up in a snowy new city, I have a book coming out next year, vast amounts of pop media to consume, and I think it's time to bring more of myself and my world into poptext. I hope you'll come along, but if you don't, then thank you. A deep, heart-felt, sincere thank you.

PopText's new home