Annie - Chewing Gum

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I'm going to tell you how it's going to get done/ I'm just a girl who's only chewing for fun/ I spit it out when all the flavour has gone/ Wrap him round your finger like you're playing with gum.

First up, a disclaimer. I fully realise that since my main referrers are NYPLM, Fluxblog and ilx, the likelihood of any of you having yet to sample the uber-pop brilliance of this track is slimmer than Mischa Barton pouting down the premiere carpet in one of those rib-revealing chiffon things she loves so much (all alone? Oh where are all your ultra-hipster bosom-buddy cast-mates, my dear?). But for the sake of the possibility that a mere single reader may discover this cult gem, devoting today's post to said divine offering from the pop gods is a worthy purpose.

Just imagine if I were the one to bring this song into somebody's previously dull and dreary Annie-free life; my jaded heart lights up with pink neon at the mere thought!

So, where to begin? The wondrous sentiment of transient enjoyment that is equally apt in reference to the pop industry as it is to relationships? The audio electronic doodles and hypnotic simplicity of melody? The perfect template pop structure and gleeful 'Whee!' that punctuates the final bridge? All of the above and so much more!

Playing this on repeat for the duration it takes me to write this only serves to further seduce me into Annie's alternate universe. For a few mere moments I can forget about smudged grey skies, men who should call but don't, and even the distressing decline in quality of this month's Vogue. It's as if she reaches out of the stereo and beckons me coquettishly into a world of fluorescent felt-tip pens and chrome-edged mirror walls, white patent leather go-go boots and lavender-iced fairy cakes.

In short, the song creates a magical land, lasting but 3 minutes 30 until you tumble dizzily down the Faraway Tree and realize sadly that the inevitable drama of humanity holds no comparison to Annie's bounteous charms. Sigh.

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1 Responses to “Annie - Chewing Gum”

  1. Anonymous g58 

    As I go through your backpages, I have to say that your writing holds up as well as this song. Of all your entries this might the best (and I think it's got the highest bar to reach). And as for Annie, it's been a year and there's still a special place for Chewing Gum. There always seems to be someone who hasn't yet heard of Annie get turned on to it with that piqued look of "WHAT is this? Why haven't I been listening to it forever?"


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