Rosie Thomas - Wedding Day

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"I'm going to get on the highway/ With no destination/ But plenty of vision in mind."

Time for a song which does not have the video, or Page Six-starring singer of most pop fare. No witty lyric, no bouncing bridge. Neither the Matrix, Max, Pharrel nor Linda Perry have had any hand in this, nor comprehend the gentle power it possesses. Instead, tonight, I'm giving to you a track which inspires me. A track which fills me with joy, and hope, and a sense of infinite possibility.

This is my manifesto.

A voice, clear and calm, and full of sweet delicacy. The soothing melody of piano and shivering cymbals. Strolling onwards, guitar picks a tuneful path and fills my world with sunshine. The main refrain again, but poignantly echoing through silence, so plaintive, but so full of certainty. Then the sweeping chords find their way back to me, and the road is straight and unerring yet again.

And the story. Of the end of love, but the beginning of so much more. A promise to myself, of that trip I'll take and everything after. The laughter and friendship, the cool of ocean around my ankles, the movement and breeze and complete belief that I am more than enough.

Because I am. I will put my hands out the window, and sing until I run out of words. I will drive under skyline and sunshine, and over boys who keep bringing me down. I will get asked to dance, and be carefree and let nothing bring me down, no, not ever again.

So much for love, I guess I've been wronged, but it's alright: because I'm moving on.

(Download from the link here, although you'll have to scroll down to July 21st- it's worth it!)

Note: Continuing from my earlier note of the Tara Reid Quality Control Mark of Superior Pop Status (tm), the rest of this week's entries will also abide by a six degrees of separation law: all shall be connected in some way to the queen of disposable culture that is Ms Reid, hence attaining a transcendent level of pop joy and significance.

TRQCMoSPS rating: Rosie toured last year with Iron & Wine, who feature on the Garden State soundtrack, which stars Zack Braff, who stars in Scrubs, in which Tara has appeared.

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