Hope 7 - Breakthrough

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“No-one can keep me out/ Of the sun/ And when the rain starts to come/ I’ll never mind it/ There was never a doubt/ Because I have the power to change my life/ One day at a time.”

There are songs that exist purely for that moment of dizzy dancing – a blur against the world, you’re spinning with sheer joy.

Because tonight you got that call. That call that said, “I adore your manuscript.” That call that says, “I would love to represent you.”

And it doesn’t matter that your head is splitting in agonizing migraine, because now it begins. Eleven months since you first dreamed quietly in bath bubbles, scribbling down those thoughts with cheap biro and fat drops of water. Three months since you finished it, all 110,000 words you pulled from thin air; setting the alarm for 6am to type until lectures and evenings in the library because although that deadline loomed, you still have two essays a week to turn in.

Three days since C got your email and called, wanting to see it. Three days. All she has are the first five chapters and a synopsis, but somehow that’s enough for her.

And you dance.

Because you want the book deal before you turn 20, and now there’s a month to go and you have the agent, and it might well just be possible.

So you dance.

2 Responses to “Hope 7 - Breakthrough”

  1. Blogger Jessica 

    Congratulations with the manuscript thing! That's really exciting. I hope I'll be reading your book very soon.

    I've never heard of this band before but I like the song.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    :) heeeeeee

    I wonder how many of your fanbase are going to take your words metaphorically. tee hee.

    Even more congrats than ever :-*



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