The Kills - No Wow

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“You’re going to have to step over my dead body/ Before you walk out that door/ Charmed me with your magic/ Landed looking tragic.”

This is a real live download!

Enough electro. Enough knowing throwback nods and synthetic loveliness that have dominated this week, its time for some of those oh-so-worthy REAL instruments. You know, songwriting by the band (man) and live performances and sweat and all those things a lot of people seem to think are somehow at all relevant to the production of a fabulous song. Ahem. See, and you thought I was merely a transient pop tart. Get me and my eclectic inclusion!

So in spite of ticking enough signifiers of true musical ‘worthiness’ to keep the very dullest rockism flag waving limply in the breeze of self-congratulation (because as you know, I care *so* much about the cultural and critical relevance of my songs), this is one damn fine tune. The opening tam-tam-esque thrum alone will win over any dear soul, jaded by months where actual drums have rarely lived up to the artificial flavorings our poplets spoiled us with.

And then guitars come a-chugging! Drumbeat starts a-pounding! Vocals drawl a-pouting in true hipster chic fashion and there’s more than enough angular chord bursts to keep things sharp and slick! How about versatility? This girl’s got the ‘Guide to Stylish Rock Front Person Behavior’ covered. She does Karen O! She does PJ in the days PJ was happy! The vision of blunt-cut ebony fringe and neon stilettos is already jutting her hips in my mind.

Top marks my dear. I’ll even forgive the redundant fuzzy static bit at the end.

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