MC Lars - iGeneration

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”Web-logged our fears, our hopes and dreams/ Individuated by digital means/ Flat mass culture/ The norm that took hold/ I hope I die before I get sold.”

This is for those mornings you wake up with that yen for a little punk rock laptop rap. Obviously.

See, friend of mine says I have to listen to this friend of his, and with the aforementioned ‘laptop rap by a Stanford/Oxford Lit student’ label on the package, I’m dubious to say the least. But then I find this fabulous mix of white boy geek rap, electro and meta that’s so totally disarming, I think I have a new crush.

Because meta is my world, and iGeneration is a crazy, wonderful entity. Think a mad middle-class, DSL-dependant, hyper-caffeinated anthem, packed with ridiculously catchy synthetic beats and a chorus that You! Will! Not! Be! Able! To! Resist! I’m serious. This chorus consumes all in its path with sheer joyful, irritatingly simplistic repetition. And when he does his whole “Organization meant optimization and unification/When imagination gave participation/ In creation of culture a manifestation” you can’t help but giggle in awe.

And then there’s ‘Signing Emo’, of which I sadly have no mp3, but who needs the file when the fantastic video is *right here*? See, this guys decides that not only is he going to do his geek rap thing about an A&R man signing all the emo he can muster, but samples the emo-est chorus ever from a band called ‘Hearts That Hate’ to prove his point. All soaring anguish and tuneful alienation, I mean, what could be more emo than “Cry tonight/ My heart is in your hands/ I won’t let you die tonight”? It’s emo by numbers, it’s pre-packaged chart-topping emo that could have been written by somebody satirizing emo by aping the genre’s basic structures and…

You see? You see!
Because ‘Hearts That Hate’ are 'Lars' own creation too! And what’s more, said emo-by-numbers are getting touring requests, adoring fan-mail from choppy-haired indie girls and opening live for him.

Love to Lars here.

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  1. Blogger Jessica 

    You're right, this is brilliant!!


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