Kasey Chambers - Nullarbor Song

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“Last night I woke/ with the stars staring back at me/ Swallowing the sky/ A whistle blows/ Just to break the silence/ I wait/ Just to pass the time.”

This is only a ballad, in the way true heartbreak is only the end of the world. The aching understatement when you’ve cried yourself hoarse; when all you can do is lay there while the darkening day drifts past your window. You’re waiting for it to release you, but all you can hope for are a few brief moments of calm. And then light is gone outside open curtains, and you can only wait for the pain to take hold again in those tides of anguish.

It’s all so inevitable.

Languid wistfulness aches from every chord, spilling over with the desolation of no way out. Meandering on, there’s nothing to add to those couple of guitars and a soft cymbal beat, because her voice is everything. It exudes the kind of melancholy torment from every sweet syllable that never fails to reduce me to misery.

There are few voices which break my heart on a regular basis. Kasey ranks way up there. You won’t know her, because she doesn’t play the country game: no styled hair and radio edits, not even new cross-genre innovation complete with cheerleader backing dancers or self-referential redneck anthem. A pierced, cropped Australian, nothing but a couple of guitars, a world of heartache, and oh, that voice.

Download this gem from the link here, becuase I can't host yet!

2 Responses to “Kasey Chambers - Nullarbor Song”

  1. Blogger Edward O 

    I normally don't care for Kasey Chambers (there was something about her being at #1 on the Australian singles chart for five weeks with a song whingeing about radio not playing her songs, though now it seems like a kind of genius), but occasionally she does put out a stunner. Good choice, this one.

    She's good when she rails in that whine (like on "If I Were You", which is amazing) or if the whine seems to be about, you know, something rather than just her having a bit of a yowl.

  2. Blogger Ian 

    I can't download the MP3, worse luck.


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