Darren Hayes - I Like The Way

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“Pull yourself over me/ Until there’s nothing left to see/ Because I like the way you move in the dark/ I like the tension/ The tension and the spark.”

There are pop songs light and tripping over with carefree heartbeats, all filtered sunshine through spring-fresh trees and the feel of dawn dew between your toes. And then there are the other ones. Songs that are heavy with complexity, weighed down with a wondrous layering that claws you into the smothered velvet texture of this other world.

Darren pulls me under into magnificent, rich regret. Sinuously twisting plea, the violent breathlessness that lingers in the bloodstream. Insistent thrum of intro synth beat and swirling strings, trapping me in this cage of grasping need. And so it builds, self-destruction given a voice and ominous harmony: that haunted whisper chorus and knowing desperation.

Tangible lust, the terrifying burn; so simple and wrong but oh, it’s our undoing and doesn’t he know this so well? Because what are we in the end but flesh and sinew, a flash in the eyes and the taste of skin on skin? All the whirlwind threads of justification and inner torment can’t escape the circle, until the painfully seamless meld of fibers in a soundscape of pure desire.

Whisper it slow, with the pangs of guilt it deserves:
The one thing missing here is love.

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