Phantom Planet - Nobody's Fault

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“Well I thought I could make you happy down the line/ But I guess it’s been over/ Since you heard this song of mine.”

California, California, here we coooooomeee…. Oh, wait a minute. Stylish hipster band du jour in ‘More than one good song’ shocker! Oh, wait another minute. Was the aforementioned paean to skinny ties and self-referential Jewish boys even that good? I mean, sunshine, blah, roadtrip, blah, chorus bit that is distinguished only by going up and the eeeeeeennnnnnnd. Who knows? Now it is forever intertwined with the traumatic memory of Miss Mischa in that jodhpur/ cravat/ flat tweed cap combo. I shudder. I shake.

So, back to the only other thing these coiffed hair and blazer-wearing little its-indie-rock-and-roll-for-me boys have created. Namely, something that sounds nothing like the rest of their Urban Outfitted bland repertoire! Instead of the dirgesome understatement it seems in fashion to peddle these days (what crazy kids), there’s a Sixties jaunt of bouncing chord progression and pouting self-indulgence. Sure, the ‘woe is me’ness of it all can’t help but ooze from every pore, but at least they’re shouty joyful pores, right?

Ah, the thumping refrain and ‘ahahaha’ backings!
Oh, the layering repetition and fabulously derivative melody!

Now, if only dear Mr Schwartz would close the damn Peach Pit and actually construct episodes that utilize music as an integral part of the mood and setting, rather than rolling out yet another ‘the gang go to a rock show and something happens’ script. Please!

2 Responses to “Phantom Planet - Nobody's Fault”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

    you should listen to their new self titled album. It still has tastes of their uber-pop melodies, but it sounds like they put their songs through a garborator. the entire album is built around a deep distorted bass and pounding drums. it's pretty awsome in my opinion.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    "Nobody's Fault" is the best cut off that cd. It sounds like the great missing track from an early Elvis Costello album.

    Whoever writes the lyrics to PP's songs deserves more respect. Take a listen to them sometime; they're smart and clever, and the rhymes rarely seem forced. Check out "1st Things 1st" from the s/t album for a good example.


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