Bratz - So Good

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“Because the beat in our hearts/ Is the beat of the charts/ Like a spotlight breaking through.”

In no way can I take any credit for discovering this; it was in fact revealed to me by Eppy in a rambling and somewhat drunken email. Oh, that rambling and drunken emails should always be so fruitful!

It’s epic, plain and simple. A kind of epic that can only be attained by the actualisation of a set of plastic dolls. With guitars. And strings. And a slightly euro-pop M2M sweet female vocal.

Said epic-ness isn’t achieved by accident, oh no! This is as artfully constructed as Diane Warren in her glory days, Bon Jovi at the dizzy height of their powers. Opening chords; slow and hesitant, with heavy purpose and gentle lull. Then the bridge, oh, the bridge! Striding and purposeful, the suspense rises, the crescendo builds; reaching, rising until…

IT’S SO GOOD! Crashing chorus, wailing vocals! Energy and volume! Girl power and realising your dreams and believing in yourself with matching accessories and a live action movie!

Sigh. If the legions of guitar bands sprawled messily across the pop landscape could take a master-class of anthem composition, this would be the model answer. The second verse knows its part for sure: richer, more layered, serving only to link back to that bridge and strident chorus again. The guitars are the stuff of 80s rock classics alone!

Infectious, driving and wholly poptextastic.

1 Responses to “Bratz - So Good”

  1. Blogger Jodi 

    Holy crap!
    That is sooooooo good!


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