Robyn - Be Mine

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“And now you’re gone/ It’s like an echo in my head/ And I remember/ Every word you said.”


When is a riff not a riff? Why, when it’s a tightly strummed cello sequence!
And when is a lil’ blonde popstress not a lil’ blonde popstress? When she pushes the boundaries and releases the kind of experimental, expletive-laden pop record that her label is no doubt despairing over, that’s when!

You remember the chord progression from That Song, don’t you? The one which bubbled along in the back of your brain, infectious and irresistibly seductive, underpinning every other structure they built upon it?

This is so much better!*

Harsher, deeper; afforded more texture by the fact it’s a string arrangement, so when the violins fall down in their brief swoops, they blend from opposite angles to produce an incredibly rich backdrop. And the drum programme! Staccato, irregular, layered; matched to those strings with darting pace – tense and measured and oh so delicious. And over it all, the voice of lovelorn resignation.

Time to show the girl some love again.

*OK, so maybe it’s only equal with the Clarkson brilliance, maybe this is just fresher, or maybe I simply wanted to quote Elle Woods. Whatevs.

6 Responses to “Robyn - Be Mine”

  1. Blogger Sean 

    holy crap. living here, i did not hear this. i assume it's on the radio there. i ASSUME. it sure as hell will be.

    jesus christ, the cello doubletimed like that, and then the dead beats, yow, it makes her vocals sound so ALIVE and cutting and -- whoa, the cellos just jagged up high there, that was crazy! Spoken word breakdown.... and then all it needs is the cello and the inert beat, because Robyn's so jubilant, just over that, they don't need a hundred voices.

    wow. thanks, abby!

  2. Blogger Matthew Perpetua 

    For what it's worth, Robyn released this album on her own label, hence the swearing and the more adventurous music.

    Sean, you really have got to hear the rest of the album. It's a very solid record!

  3. Anonymous Taryn 

    This song is amazing! Why did Robyn have to go away? I want answers. "Show Me Love" is honestly one of my favorite pop songs. I'm a sucker for a catchy chorus that makes me feel all good inside. (I want to play it on my college radio show.)

  4. Blogger seymour 

    aw, i missed it... *sees train with great music take off with out me...... *
    sniff sniff.....

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