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“I remember you couldn’t get enough/ You felt it too/ How dare you.”

Ah, the perky strains of post-break-up Scandi pop!

That’s right, he’s gone and left you; sweet lipglossed pout, pastel coloured guitar, neatly boot-cut denim and everything. So whatcha gonna do girl? Dye your hair, hire Max Martin and trash the place? Angst away in dark eyeliner, chanting the mantra of how you’re better off without him as you flirt outrageously with unsuitable men? Or even the last resort: sinking into a sullen pit of praline ice-cream and ANTM re-runs?

None of the above, my dear! You’ve got your Nordic charm and best friend to fall back on. Instead, a rigorous program of reminiscence, poignant wallowing and pleas is called for - especially since its summertime, and all the world is taunting you with their togetherness.

On with the jaunty chords and cutely bubbling late 90s pop production! On with those plaintive reminders of just how much he’s ignoring you! On with the obsessive detail listing, because you’re nothing if not an overdramatic teenage girl, and by god this is the end of your world! And you know that something hurting this badly had better lead to creative genius or financial gain (preferably both), since otherwise, why the hell could we coat it with sugar and put ourselves through it every time?

2 Responses to “M2M - Everything”

  1. Blogger Matthew Perpetua 

    As you probably could have guessed, I really liked this one a lot.

  2. Blogger Edward O 

    I seem to recall these lasses also had a much-overlooked single called "Everything You Do" that I adored. They got their breakthrough on the Pokemon soundtrack, didn't they?


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