Keri Noble - Bartender

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“Bartender, another/ And make it a double/ I can’t go home/ I’m in some kind of trouble.”

This is for those long nights.

The empty ones that hurt in a way you can do nothing to ease; just lie and wait for it all to pass. And pass they do: while morning leaves you questioning if you ever truly felt that low. It’s a defence mechanism I never fail to marvel; how pain can be forgotten, how the heart can teach itself to forget.

Her pain is a little to polished for my liking – so measured, and even clichéd – but then the raw ache comes through pitched to breaking point, and I can see how that underlying calm is the perfect foil for the despair. I’ll forgive her the over-production because oh, that piano refrain is just laced with pure melancholy, fragile and pained.

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