DaVinChe ft. Katie & Kano - Leave Me Alone

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"Sip my Alizé to taste it / Then he's lookin' at me but he's wasted / I try to walk away but he takes hold of my waist / That's one thing I really hate"

I came here with my girls to roll.

It's a classic scene, one played out in clubs up and down the country every weekend. Many of you will have been that girl, the one who discovers that the downside to looking so fabulous that all heads in the club are turned is that you have to spend the rest of the night playing cat-and-mouse with lecherous drunk blokes. Some of you may even have been that boy, the one who's so pissed that he thinks that girl is genuinely into him and who never realises just how close he came to being smacked upside the head.

Grime artists have a knack for perfectly capturing these everyday memes - brief encounters and momentary feelings which are replayed so often that finding yourself in a situation like this feels like being trapped in a situationist loop, being drawn into an act where "all the world's a stage" becomes a nightmare. Still, Katie Pearl (r'n'g diva supreme) and Kano (smoothest grime MC around) make for fantastic players. Katie's haughty and calm, riding the storm of DaVinChe's incredible production (reeling Playstation shoot-'em-up noises, crunching stutterbeats, circling strings) with ease, detaching herself firmly from the commonness of the situation through her Ciara-esque icy dismissal. She provides just the bare bones of the narrative, but evokes an entire mise-en-scène with every line. Kano, meanwhile, abandons his smooth guy persona to butt in on Katie inappropriately, oblivious to the way she's looking down her nose at his drunken attempts to woo her with lame, clichéd chat-up lines. Freeze that frame; replay every Saturday night.

By Alex Macpherson, writer for Plan B and Stylus

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