The Faders - No Sleep Tonight

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“I got you/ I got you on my mind/ And it’s time to make you see/ So I’ll just make this/ A little more obvious/ Because I get what I want and I want you to get with me.”


About bloody time, that’s what I say. You wouldn’t have thought it too hard for the British industry to create the perfect girl rock band, pouting angst and ‘don’t mess with us’ riffs bound up in one demographically appealing package, right? Simply take a sample of CosmoGIRL!-reading, Avril-loving, ‘Oo get me I think Good Charlotte are, like, soo hot and paint my nails black, how rebellious I am!’ teens, lock your writers in a room with old Donnas and new Kelly Clarkson material and voila! Pacy, passionate perfect girl rock.

But no. Years have passed since the ill-advised 21st Century Girls debacle, and still no sign of salvation. Well fear not, my pop-loving people, the saviors have arrived, complete with craaazy coloured hair (!), pre-requisite ethnic band member (!!) and video shot of them wreaking rebellious havoc in a school (!!!)

Who would have thought the drumbeat from ‘Lust for Life’ could be co-opted into such thrummingly insistent brilliance? Who knew that scratchy electric vocals were just what bouncy teen rock required to lift it into edgy territory? Joyful and energetic, oozing black eyeliner and fake tattoos, I can but count the ways….

Part 1
An ominously repetitive verse intro! All fabulous chunky riff bouncing jauntily alongside the sassy yet insouciant vocals. The electro effect adds a sort of shivering clarity, maintaining a delicious distance between the musing lyrics and immature refrain.

Part 2
Divinely swooping bridge! Everything falls back into slow-motion for optimal ‘close-up on the hot young things tossing their hair and throwing their REAL INSTRUMENTS (and, like, they wrote the song too!) around’ moments.

Part 3
Pounding chorus! A fabulous crashing, sirens blaring, screaming chorus to be precise, the kind envied by all 2-bit producers who are reduced to handling the Katy Rose album tracks of the world.

That’s right, these girls know their perfect pop structures! Why forsake the path of formula when it sounds so damn good?! So again with the echoing chorus! Again with the swoops and soaring! Again the pounding intensity! Oh, and why not throw in an added electric guitar twang for more slo-mo pouting and a shake of that distressed denim derriere?

Bonus Extras…
Disco double hand-claps!
Oh-oh-oh ohohs!

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