Rachel Stevens - I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)

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“I can’t let go/ I can take no more/ But I want you so.”

I told you never to play my new guitar.

So there I am, wandering listlessly through the pop landscape, unable to muster even so much as a moderate ooh la la for these long hot summers, when some blessed pop angel appears as if from nowhere to throw me down, inject me with a hit of pure adrenalin and then kiss me until my mind is pure static.

Blackout spots and terror nerves; My endorphins are maxed out on the edge of chaos, strung along the drum sequence that splices ‘Some Girls’ to the point of heartbeat and showers the whole damn lot with enough space dust to make your teeth itch. This is full volume stuff – pitched loud until you feel that burn of ice and restless flicker in your hips. Until you’re sweat-drenched and bass-weary and can barely pause for breath.

Yes, now it’s loud enough.

Because it’s not until the moment it all falls away that you realise just how taut that perfect structure is stretched; beats and bass throbbing with every pulse of blood in my hyperventilating veins. And swooping over it all is the ice queen itself. Out with personality! Get thee gone, empathetic meaning! Who needs flesh and blood when you’ve got the vocoder filter fixed and languidly giving no more than nearly enough?

Throw me in the midst of this pop madness; my head is full of your noise and my heart exhausted by your need, but all I have to do is play it again to fly.

8 Responses to “Rachel Stevens - I Said Never Again (But Here We Are)”

  1. Blogger lexus360derick 

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  2. Blogger mia 

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  3. Anonymous Trixie 

    Bah @ Comment spam.

    Anyway yes, it's amazing isn't it. I couldnt concentrate for the rest of the day at work the day I got it. I just kept listening and sending it to people.

    Crazy Boys is brilliant as well.

  4. Blogger trinity 

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  5. Blogger FriendlyGuy1212 

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