Videodrome: The Click Five - Catch Your Wave

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"Well every princess has her knight/ And I'm still in it for the fight/ Not giving in/ I'm gonna win/ Win/ Win."

Despite the dubious anthem of menstrual-love itself, there’s so much smugness here that needs to be forgiven. The hair, for a start. That white-suit sky-jump styling. And then the person who deemed crawling out of cupboard space to be a compelling video moment. But you know what? Just tell me the fact you can burst into ‘Heaven is a Place on Earth’ over the chorus isn’t redemption enough! Ah, at last – the modern emo-pop derivation with a 60s melody I can get behind; because McFly are just too, you know, jangly.

Honestly, this band needs to accept that they are just a great covers act. ’Lies’? ’I Think We’re Alone Now’? Exactly.

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6 Responses to “Videodrome: The Click Five - Catch Your Wave”

  1. Anonymous Michael Ryan 

    Actually, I like that video, it's a lot of fun to watch....and bottom line, these guys write great pop songs.

  2. Anonymous mariah 

    i luv there song and the video i thought it ok i really like the song cause it gets stuck in your head and you can never get rid of it:)

  3. Anonymous Jessica Kerns 

    This video is a pop masterpiece! One of the greatest ever.

  4. Anonymous jessica 

    i love the song,eric dill (he is soo hot and cute!!),and his band

  5. Anonymous xingi 

    i love this song !!! its such a great song ..!! actually all of the click five's songz roxxx !!

  6. Anonymous FRQSTR=18948143x228901:1:7200|18948143|18948143|18948143|18948143 

    same here


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