Something For the Weekend - Tyler James / The Dead 60s

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Tyler James – Foolish

This guy manages to swing the whole nu-lounge-jazz-lite revolution thing with enviable amounts of style; mainly because he thinks he’s the spotlight-steady, swoonsome star of his own existence, rather than, say, the twenty-something with a questionable moustache and that redundant cover of ‘Your Woman’. Still, the pouting smirk of a vocal and jittering beat manage to outweigh those damn Xtina ‘I can sing, me’ gymnastics he throws in at the end.

Bonus: ’Why Do I Do?’.
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The Dead 60s – Riot on the Radio.

Do I like this…

a) Because it’s the sound of the new, authentic, and totally innovative ROCK REVOLUTION that’s sweeping my fair nation?
b) Because, like, omg, the singer is sooooooo hott!?
c) Because that jangle of riff and relentless pace is really rather spectacular?

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2 Responses to “Something For the Weekend - Tyler James / The Dead 60s”

  1. Anonymous Hannah 

    I really love the Dead 60s song. I saw them supporting Stereophonics earlier this year, but what was really disapointing was that when they played it, the main riff was sort of lost in the mix. It's all about the riff! How could they get rid of it?

  2. Anonymous sean 

    I love the swinin' beat of the Tyler James but his voice is bleaaargh. Turn it down a notch, buddy!


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