Happy Birthday to Me...

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So it turns out that a year has passed since that fateful day when I first thought ‘Wouldn’t it be kind of fun to have somewhere to write about good pop?’ I won’t get all sincere and say how much this has actually brought into my life; instead, I’ll give you some of the songs and posts which I’ve enjoyed the most. Tis the season for those end-of-year lists anyway…

(All mp3 files are live)

Robyn – Be Mine
Clor – Love + Pain
Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone
Laura Cantrell – 14th Street
The Faders – No Sleep Tonight
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists – Me and Mia
Willy Mason – Oxygen
Vanessa Carlton – White Houses
Jimmy Eat World – A Praise Chorus
Rachel Stevens – Negotiate With Love

12 Responses to “Happy Birthday to Me...”

  1. Anonymous mitya 

    The imogen posts got to me like few others (okay, the Kelly Clarkson post worked too).

  2. Anonymous bushra 

    crikey, there's more to this blog then i thought. i really need to go through these archives.

    happy birthday to the blog about good pop!

  3. Anonymous Fueltank 

    Well many happy returns...

    Very fine blog, nice to find somone who really does appreciate good pop music.


  4. Anonymous Dylan 

    Best. Post. Evar.

    It always shocks me how damn good ted leo is.

  5. Anonymous sean 

    Most excellent - happy anniversary, abby!

  6. Anonymous DJMonsterMo 

    Happy Birthday, Abby. And thanks for the great posts and for the link.

  7. Anonymous Laura 

    happy birthday to poptext and many long birthdays afterwards!

    And to think...a year ago I wouldn't have recognized or even tried to like half the artist here! Thanks a million, abby, for the awesome music and the always super quality writing.

  8. Anonymous Foxy 

    Happy Anniversary. Keep on being so deliciously poppy.

  9. Anonymous Je Suis 

    Happy Birhday.

  10. Anonymous ShockWaveWriter 

    Happy One Year. I'm glad to make your written acquaintance. Your writings are fresh, vibrant, and full of WOMAN.

  11. Anonymous Milan 

    Happy birthday.

    It's always nice to run across another Oxford blogger.

  12. Anonymous J'ason D'Luv 

    Happy Birthday! Love the site... keep up the good work, and come visit mine sometime :-)


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