Reverie Sound Revue - Rip the Universe

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“As curious as it seems/ I still smile while enjoying the scene.”

Standing on the Place de la Concorde in late January is a seventeen year-old girl, wrapped inadequately against the Parisian chill. She’s wearing a black leather pencil skirt and new kitten heels. Her lips are red, her hands are tight fists in her pockets, and her jaw is clenched to keep from crying.

By her side is another girl – a girl she considered a friend until barely half an hour ago, when her tongue unwound with alcohol. Looking back, she’ll recognize that the chasm opened up earlier that night; the moment a man with stubble that tickled her ear looked past one to the other, but then, in the moment, the change seemed swift and sudden.

Because the other girl is telling her precisely where her numerous faults lie. She is both too much, and not enough, in every possible way.

The girl in her new shoes doesn’t yet know that angry words reveal more about the speaker than the recipient, and that this early morning will be significant only on a flickering screen somewhere in the future. She hasn’t even heard this song, but it’s for her nonetheless. It holds the quiet calm of equilibrium; the place where each new strike can be absorbed without shaking, every blow shrugged away as the distinct episodes that they are. Reverie is the right word – a drift of wistful regret; the lilt of chords; scattering cymbal. Rise and falls reined in to a steady frequency.

But this girl is still unsteady, and so up the Champs Elysees she walks, past the dignified iron gates of foreign diplomats, past the bare winter trees strewn with stars, past the lone couples insulated against the winds with nothing but intimacy. And all the time, the diatribe beside her continues.

Not enough. Never enough. Always too much.

Don’t worry about her. She’ll be just fine. Already a contrary voice is whispering in her head, reminding her that maybe it’s not her. Maybe it’s them. Maybe this is always more about them. See how she smothers a rebellious smile as the blonde drips with false sympathy?

She’ll be just fine.

The rest of the material from the now-defunct band is available for free download at a fansite, or to buy from New Music Canada
If you aren’t yet swayed, try Cascade

11 Responses to “Reverie Sound Revue - Rip the Universe”

  1. Anonymous Katherine 

    That's Lisa Lobsinger, right? Now of Broken Social Scene?

  2. Anonymous Abby 

    Yes indeed!

  3. Anonymous muruch 

    Lovely tune, thanks.

  4. Anonymous Andrea 

    I loved cascade. great song!

  5. Anonymous Paula 

    Where can I find Reverie Sound Revue's lyrics???

  6. Anonymous Sarra Manning 

    Hi Abby

    Just dropping by to say thanks for the lovely comment you left in my blog and the music recs. I'm always on the lookout for new songs to fall in love with so I'll be checking them out. Thank you!

    Sarra x

  7. Anonymous marc 

    beautiful song, lovely words

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