Republica - Ready To Go

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“I’m back/ And ready to go/ From the rooftops/ Shout it out.”

“I just got to that point,” she said, “And then I shut down. I didn’t care anymore.”

That’s what drives this determined beast of jubilation. That moment. That half-inch conceptual shift from wading in the mire of emotional fallibility to freedom. That leap from ‘oh god, please’ caring to get-out-of-my-life utter ambivalence. It doesn’t come when you need it, that’s for sure, but god, its arrival is always met with overdue satisfaction. Not happiness, or joy, but a tighter grip of grim, inevitable pleasure.

Sure, there’s the drawl and attitude and mid-90s retro-trip, but there’s also that measured chord intro and soft murmur of vocals breaking out into a crash of synth and darker drag riff; jubilation in slow-build exclamations; head-toss poseur rhyme patterns.

I don’t really remember Britpop. Men in hats with guitars and ego bedswapping with Justine Frischman, right? But this kinda makes me want to.

Bonus - ’Drop Dead Gorgeous’
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5 Responses to “Republica - Ready To Go”

  1. Anonymous Daver 

    Great post -- and very well-written, might I add. Republica is/was pure Eurocheese and a guilty pleasure of the highest order. I really enjoyed hearing these songs again.

  2. Anonymous caramel 


  3. Anonymous Trixie 

    See I didn't really remember Britpop either, just the obvious like Blur & Oasis.

    Come to popstarz one night and it's like stepping back in time. I didn't know Elastica before hand! I was *so* missing out x

  4. Anonymous Andy 

    Republica were made up from people who used to be in Flowered Up... and Saffron used to supply vocals to cheesy early 90s "rave" acts like NJOI.

  5. Anonymous Adem IAR 

    I used to dance around my bedroom like an idiot everytime this came on the radio.

    Yes, I'm about to relive my youth.


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