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Apologies for the downtime.

I've been having a little legal problem which means this site is going to need some serious re-evaluation. Sigh. Unfortunately, I don't know if or how Poptext will proceed in the New Year. It may even mean - gasp - an end to my hosting and return to those text-only posts of old.

Who would still have love for me without the shiny new mp3s?

19 Responses to “So, yes...”

  1. Anonymous brooks 

    Ouch. I'm curious to hear about what exactly got you in trouble? I hope everything turns our okay for you!

  2. Anonymous Ian 

    Erk! I got a nasty letter from the BPI a couple of years ago, which rather took the wind out of my MP3 blogging days. I hope things aren't too bad, legally speaking, and yes, there will still be love even without MP3s (but hurrah for pointing my towards Robyn a long while back ;)).

  3. Anonymous Daver 

    Man, it's always chilling to hear about bloggers like yourself getting in trouble. It's all so twisted: The recording industry's actions do more to discourage me from buying music than anyone else ever could.

    I, for one, will definitely keep reading!

  4. Anonymous James 

    What record label is giving you trouble? Tell us so we can stop buying their products.

  5. Anonymous brittle-lemon 

    Even though I'm wary of expressing a sentiment that sometimes sounds like the equivalent of "yes, but she has a great personality," I actually come to Poptext for the writing as much, if not more, than the mp3s. So I hope you keep writing even if you can't keep mpthreeing.

  6. Anonymous Abby 

    Aw, thanks guys!

    Not so much a label as the Mechanical Copyright Protection Society (MCPS) and Performing Rights Society (PRS), who represent the rights of UK music publishers and composers etc. ie, not one artist, but people 'representing' a hell of a lot of them.

    So, I'll probably scale back to just the writing, and only writing about the really great stuff. Then it's up to you to hunt down those Bratz deep cuts...

  7. Anonymous scenius 

    Yeah, that sucks alright. Certain parts of the record industry really have such a disdain for its audience--they want consumers and not informed, passionate and quixotic fans. The best/worst story I've heard is of a mash-up producer who got a C&D from the BPI claiming to represent every single artist he had mashed on his site--including his friend's unsigned band...

    And yes, I would still read here without mp3s.

  8. Anonymous FRQSTR=18867478x213896:1:4320|18867478|18867478|18867478|18867478 

    To tell you the truth, I don't think that I've ever listened a song from the links that you've so kindly provided. So I guess that means that I hope that you continue with your posts about the pure and pretty pop in the world so that I can continue to read them.

  9. Anonymous Fueltank 

    Without the MP3's the site will be different, but still worth a daily visit.

    As others have said, it is simply astounding how short-sighted the 'business' end of the music business is. It is only through blogs such as this that I have heard of many of the bands I now listen to and whose albums I have bought.

    As an under-employed artist I simply cannot 'buy on speculation', what with the cost of discs these days. So I use these pages to discover and determine where the little money I do have to spend on music goes.

    Gosh, is it possible that some of the salary of the C&D clowns has come from my purchase of the music they claim to be 'protecting'? If only they could see beyond their noses and take a look at what is really driving the growth (and therefore their paycheques) of the music industry. When such an august publication as The New York Times does a feature article about how blogs are behind the huge growth of the indie music business, you know something is happening.

    The recording industry fought to cut the legs out of file sharing, without proposing a viable alternative. The fans of great (and otherwise) music developed a better method of tuning-in and turning-on; now the suits are forcing them to drop-out.

  10. Anonymous Adem IAR 

    Of course we'll still keep reading. A lot of the time I already have the tracks you post, but I enjoy the writing and content so much that it doesn't matter.

    Keep up the good work love.

  11. Anonymous Filip 

    I too rate the text of this blog far over the mp3 posting as the quality and content of that is what makes it unique and great. I and many others will surely continue reading regularly no matter which form this takes and I'll continue to spread the word and save your wikipedia article from the evils trying to get it deleted even if your popularity plummets (which I'm sure it will not, at least not amongst the good people). I hope it all works out and look forward to reading whatever's at this address (except a 404) come 2006.

  12. Anonymous Ian Mathers 

    I'd definitely keep reading.

    I mean, I tend to spend more money on music thanks to blogs like yours, rather than less, but if the MCPS and PRS want to ignore that sort of thing, it's their loss.

  13. Anonymous judge jru 

    That makes me sad about the mp3s...but I'll DEFINITELY keep reading!

    Besides, I'm sure there are other ways out there to track down the songs of which you speak.

  14. Anonymous Mikey 

    Abby, I read PopText for two reasons, neither of which is impeded by a text-only format: (1) to learn what songs to listen to, and (2) to learn how to listen to them. Yours is one of the few (only?) mp3 blogs that I am careful to read--your recommendations and remarks are always so on-target that I, like the rest of the commenters here, would be happy to do the legwork in hunting down the tracks you recommend.

    And, hey, a text-only format would better suit your blog's name.

  15. Anonymous Michael 

    geez, sorry to hear about the problems. I really don't understand these people, like they don't want help with obtaining a larger audience for their music.

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