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Overcome with the urge to splash, nay, frolic in a vast ocean of indie? Music For Kids Who Can’t Read Good have their end-of-year list up, a veritable bounty of mp3s from Sufjan, Rogue Wave, the Decemberists and Spoon, to name but a few.

“Have you heard the JCB song?” my sister eagerly asks. I roll my eyes. Christmas number one contender? I have terrifying visions of another Ministry of Sound affair with, you know, thongs and vibrating machinery. But no! It’s a twee and adorable ode to skipping school to ride around with dad on his tractor. And yes, it’s a little too earnest for my usual liking, but say it with me: Ahhhh.

Watch the sweet lil' video or stream audio via The Hype Machine and have your Scrooge-like heart melted.

Finally, dubious about the new Microsoft- MTV URGE project launching next year? Well maybe the calibre of bloggers finally getting their (well-deserved) paychecks will sway you. Jessica '’Tiny Lucky Genius’' Hopper will lead the "punk/alt/indie/hardcore/underground" blog; Julianne ’Cowboyz and Poodlez’ Shepard does R'n'B, and Matthew ’Fluxblog’ Perpetua will run rock/pop etc. Good luck in overcoming that wma-only thing!

2 Responses to “Popbytes”

  1. Anonymous Taylor 

    Thanks for the mention! I didn't put anything up about Spoon, though....

  2. Anonymous Bridgey 

    The name of Taylor's blog wins at life. It's Official.


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