Clor - Love + Pain

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"Wide eyes and open-mouthed/ You look a little lost and found/ You look a little lost and found."


Oh god I love this song.

I love it immediately and with such utter devotion and fierce pride that never shall we be parted. Our courtship is brief but life-changing, a swirl of squiggly electro pulses and endearingly bounceable intro lyrics that bring joy. We’ll have a cutely kitsch wedding involving obscure comic book quotations and then honeymoon on a remote Canadian island, picnicking under redwoods with Orangina and cupcakes as the chorus swooping leads us astray into wonderment.


The jaunty simplicity and sweet sentiment meander into your bloodstream with infectious joy. This is a sugar rush blissout, frappuccino ice headache, tipsy daiquiri room spin. This is sunshine and a polka-dot dress and the new Emma Forrest novel. This is a Veronica Mars Bittorrent marathon and afternoon tea on the front quad.

Circling back over itself in some divine never-ending transcendent experience.
I sigh, I swoon.

11 Responses to “Clor - Love + Pain”

  1. Blogger Brian W 

    Erm, "file not found." Perhaps a typo in the link?

  2. Blogger somebody more like you 

    Error corrected, file is up!

  3. Blogger Brian W 


  4. Blogger John 

    I admit, I love it too!

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

    many thanks for mentioning my books in same para as veronica mars!

    have a lovely night...emma

  6. Blogger Matthew Perpetua 

    This version is nice, but I like that remix I posted a while back more. I suspect it might be because I heard that one first, but I think it's also just more fun dancey than rocky.

  7. Anonymous Daniel 

    I'm happy you posted this since I only have the version above Matthew posted a while back (which is great), but this is the one they play at TRASH. Where can you buy this btw?

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    I admit, I'd rather listen to Snow Patrol than this garbage.

  9. Blogger somebody more like you 

    Daniel - since this was released as a single in the UK last week (I heard it since I was reviewing for the Stylus Single Jukebox) I reckon you could get it via HMV/Virgin websites.

    And anon: it only took 5 months to get my first negative comment! Whoop.

  10. Blogger deleteasappropriate 

    and the B-side Tough Love is even better!

  11. Anonymous danica 

    DOES ANYONE HAVE THE LYRICS TO LOVE+PAIN??? please send them to .. thanks


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