Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me

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“I’ve got plots you’ve never seen/ I’ve got moves I’ve never used/ I’ve got ways to make you come/ Back to me.”

Nothing like the bitter taste of revenge to set the mood a-sparkle in the morning, particularly this understated yet utterly hypnotic ode to a scorning lover.

When it comes to vengeance anthems, country music has got the game covered. This isn’t quite twangy enough to be another ‘Earl Has to Die’ or ‘My Give a Damn is Busted’, but somehow that’s the charm. Nothing shocking, nothing extreme, merely a simplicity to the constant chords and her steady anger that is disarmingly infectious.

See, her voice may begin breathless and fragile as she promises her payback, but then the main guitar refrain kicks in behind her with delicious speed and suddenly this isn’t just ‘would’ve, could’ve’ wistfulness; this is not to be messed with. Laughing confidence, a lazy sense of superiority – the girl who tempts her ex away from his new love with sly determination just to prove she can. The pace is just jaunty enough to pull us along, underpin the mantra with purpose and direction, yet leaves the ominous undercurrent to echo awhile.

Somebody’s going to pay, and I for one would love to see it.

18 Responses to “Kathleen Edwards - Back To Me”

  1. Blogger Matthew Perpetua 

    This song is fantastic, thank you so much for posting it. I really need to hear the rest of this record. I probably would have missed this entirely if I didn't read this site.

  2. Blogger countrygrrl 

    great track...thanx for the post just found your blog and will make a point of visiting on regular basis

  3. Blogger michael 

    oh yeah.

  4. Blogger Lee 

    Sorry, but I find Kathleen's music extremely boring and over-rated. What is the big deal? I've heard this kind of stuff a million times over, and usually done much better.

  5. Anonymous Grace 

    partially in response to lee, Kathleen Edwards is someone who got too much hype over generally average music...to the point that it overwhelmed the fact that she has a few phenomenally good songs. The one that got me was "Hockey Skates."

  6. Blogger exoduslaughing 

    hmm. i felt the same way about this song. although i had never heard her before, i had been noticing this cover around. and i agree that it is bland. right after dowloading it and playing a few seconds, i immediately deleted it.

  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    What Grace said...right on the money. This song is nothing special.

  8. Anonymous Heretikos 

    Hey Abby,

    I've seen the Kathleen Edwards stuff around, but not actually heard any. I really like this track, and your review made me appreciate it more.

    Good stuff.

  9. Blogger chris 

    I'm going to have to agree (?) with some of the folks here--this song doesn't really do much for me, at least compared with what's on her last album "Failer."

    I don't know what the rest of her new album sounds like, but I'm now afraid that all the rough edges that made "Hockey Skates" and "The Lone Wolf" so great were buffed out for this album.

  10. Anonymous Anonymous 

    saw her with Lucy Gauthier in a funky little club, audience of 4-5 dozen. thought she was really annoying, and having read that her dad was a "senior foreign service official" my annoyance was confirmed. think she should definitely get over her guitar guy before she does too many more show. her music is OK. sort of.

  11. Anonymous jimf 

    My local radio station, (progressive rock) WXRT in Chicago just started playing this song...it is a great song!

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