Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend

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“Hey how long/ ‘til the music drowns you out?/ You really got it wrong/ I didn’t steal your boyfriend.”

Ready? OK!

So, like, Wilmer was going out with Mandy, but now she’s with Zach and he moved onto Lindsay. But then they broke up and she started chasing after Jared, who had fooled around with Paris before she stole Mary-Kate’s boyfriend. But, like, Jared also dated Ashley who had gone out with Scott (who’s like, so old. Ewww!) and he’d been with Lindsay as well! And then Ashlee went out with Wilmer AND Scott, so, like, Lindsay’s all “wtf?” and Paris is all, “That’s so NOT hot!”, and the Olsen twins just drink their vente frappes and pout.

Got it?

Anyways, this hollaback hangs off a perfectly jaunty riff; Ashlee’s slouching vocals barely phoning in her drawled performance from a hacked Sidekick. Moody and damn danceable, that chord progression kicks you into a head-toss beat as her ‘woah woah’s, are sullen false-starts to the triumphant ‘ha!’

She ain’t sorry, she don’t care.

4 Responses to “Ashlee Simpson - Boyfriend”

  1. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  2. Blogger Aaryn 

    Ashlee Simpson scares me! LoL!

    Give my Audioblog a look!

    the EARLY Savage Garden DEMOS... this week!

  3. Blogger Bloggy 

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  4. Anonymous abi 

    hey i think that this song kinda catches in ur head and in thje end you think its ok but ashlee simpson int that bad peeps!


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