Something For the Weekend - The Futureheads / Lady Sovereign

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The Futureheads – Area

Stopgap single before the next album, it’s simply laden with the ‘do do do’s’ and trademark harmonies that make these chaps one of the more interesting ‘wohoo, angular British guitars!’ acts out there. Jaunt! And shouty bits! And general goodness!

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Lady Sov – Addidas Hoodie

"Look that young woman, Lucinda, She’s so cute! How tiny, how adorable! See, not all the youth of today are foulmouthed, corrupt young… But, isn’t that a hooded jumper I see? And, now that I think about it, doesn’t she look… poor? Like one of those filthy council estate children we have to pass on our way home? RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" Ahem. I’ve got to applaud the girl for distilling Middle England’s fear of the underclass into a song that’s actually about having a lil’ dance despite the fact people don’t like your clothes. Don’t you see? Not just anti-ASBOs as a tool of class oppression, but a rallying cry against scenester preoccupation with club aesthetics over musical experience! Or, something like that.

Bonus - ”Get Random’ with the laziest vocal.
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3 Responses to “Something For the Weekend - The Futureheads / Lady Sovereign”

  1. Anonymous Trixie 

    Wow at Hoodie. I have never had any time for Lady Sovreign before, but that's a great track. One for miss-shapes I think.

    And I've never realised how much the Futureheads & Maximo Park sounded alike before that track.


    p.s. thanks for the link!

  2. Anonymous Pete 

    Thanks for posting the track, and your blog is great - I've been reading a bit of it, but...

    The Hoodie.mp3 file is damaged! It's all choppy at the end. I've downloaded it twice with different download settings and it's come down as exactly the same file so it's not at my end. If you really love your blogreaders might you fix the link? The song is great - I've been woken up by it twice with my radio alarm and it's been playing in my head for days.


  3. Anonymous doctor 

    cd mix


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