Videodrome - Natasha Bedingfield / Son of Dork

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Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten

There was a brand meeting, of that I’m sure. Flow charts and powerpoint presentations and laminated handouts with focus group polling. Because of course this piece of corporate motivation nonsense couldn’t have been born from an actual, creative mind. Right?

“So we’re launching her stateside. What image do we want to push for this sweet, middle-class British woman?”
“It’s about keywords. Demographic appeal. Emotive performance values.”
“Yeah, yeah. So, like, she’s fun!”
“Frolicking in corn-field fun.”
“And she’s chaste!”
“Totally Christian – so no hot make-out action.”
“But, like, flirtatious looks to some hot guy. Make her relatable!”
“And diverse! Sure, she’s making lily-white acoustic girl pop, but if we put an urban choir in, it’ll show how inclusive she is.”
“Don’t forget the children and old folks!”

Watch the horror ensue at AOL music
Buy ‘Unwritten’ from CD Wow

Son of Dork – Ticket Out of Loservile

So, like, this is totally a ‘reinvention for the USA market’ week! A song that isn’t so much influenced by Blink 182, as built from their bouncingly nasal skate-rat-pop-punk detritus, plus a good dose of the Busted ‘one-two-three-four!” glee. 'Lil' James has certainly learnt his lesson from the 'Busted Do America' debacle of yesteryear: the suburban, middle America-set video is nought but a homage to Star Trek geekery, jocks, cheerleaders and prom. The pesky kids rock out in their garage! They get beaten up by football players! They wear NFG shirts! They’re from Southend-On-Sea! In, like, Essex. Oh well, dude’s totally rocking the aesthetic.

Watch here.
Visit the Son of Dork homepage and see the vision of world domination in flash graphics.

7 Responses to “Videodrome - Natasha Bedingfield / Son of Dork”

  1. Anonymous John in Reno, NV 

    Thats the second time Natasha has done a new video for US Release. I'm not sure I mind the new Unwritten one that much (I did love the cheese factor of the original), but the US Version of These Words scares me. I don't know why, but the stereo people that follow her are creepy.

  2. Anonymous sean 

    Hahaha - seriously, they're from ESSEX!? :)

    The natasha song does not live up to "These Words", sadly, but the Son of Dork track is most awesome (i did not expect to every be saying that). I will have to seek out a better quality version so as to get my full pop-punk hit!

  3. Anonymous Abby 

    Re: quality, it was the best around, I'm afraid. I think it IS the full version, just with the DJ speaking over the last 3 seconds. And.... Surely you've heard Busted's material??! Because this is one of their members' post-break-up spinoff, and they had some comparable tracks I can send you...

  4. Anonymous sean 

    i made it over here post-Busted, so I don't know them (just know OF them, in the way they are punch-lines for my hipster friends). i'd love to hear any of their songs that are really good.

    the single's gotta be coming out, though, right? by "full" i just meant that it sounds kinda awful on my headphones - all peaking cymbals and ndistortion. great, though! :) thank you!

  5. Anonymous Trixie 

    God Tash Bed makes me want to scratch my eyes out. But you have to laugh at the whole Christian chaste thing when it's strongly rumoured she's boffing her brother.

    And SoD - please lose the overly US accent. You're from Northampton or something.

  6. Anonymous chacha 

    hello! i love green day motherf....

  7. Anonymous Abbie 

    Son of dork are good but busted were better!!!


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