Videodrome: Shakira - Don't Bother

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Funny how the presence of a half-naked man convulsing to his death as our pop goddess coyly grins in the background can lift a good post-break-up vow of sufficiency into the league of awesome joyfulness. Instead of strings or un-IDable production squiggles, She of the Transcendent Hips employs a haunting electric riff to underpin the track with a gentle coherency; trademark beat-style and vocal layers lending their distinctive touch. And as always, the lyrics born from her strange mind command adoration.

“For you, I'd give up all I own/ And move to a communist country/ If you came with me, of course/ And I’d file my nails/ So they don’t hurt you/ I’d learn about football/ And loose those pounds/ To make you stay/ But you won’t.”

Watch the Video. Pink guitars and murder always being a good combo.
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1 Responses to “Videodrome: Shakira - Don't Bother”

  1. Anonymous DJMonsterMo 

    Thanks, love how this new song sounds.


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