Will Young - Switch It On

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"Got to/ Got to/ Got to go crazy!"

At last! No more fireside jazz-lite, no more balladeering; for one blessed single at least, the idol has rejected his crooning fall-back position in favour of crazy camp dance domination. What with the Blunts, Cullums and Jameses of the British scene stealing his Radio 2-friendly, housewives-favourite territory, the boy finally has seen the light, stripped off his cardigan and revealed the glistening, baby-oiled pecs of pop stardom lurking beneath.

So what if all he’s done is appropriate George Michealtastic riffage to serve his devious pop ends? Bouncing with furious abandon, the pared-down chords are every bit as infectious as in the original, while the chorus is underpinned by smooth bluesy notes which totally amp up his faux-whine voice. And lo! The crowning glory of a true 19 Productions track: the third verse repeat that goes up a key! My god, it’s like late nineties boyband structures all over again. Layer it on, with a speeding sax frenzy and breathless drumming until…. Well, I could just make tasteless puns about climaxing, but I’m a girl of refined linguistic tastes. Obviously.

Download. (And yes, there are 10 secs of silence at the start of the file. Patience!)
Pre-order 'Keep It On' from Amazon UK
Watch the Top Gun homoeroticism befitting an out-and-proud young man.

3 Responses to “Will Young - Switch It On”

  1. Anonymous BomberFL 

    Ok...close your eyes...listen to Will and think of George Michael...this could have been his great comeback song....cuz you gotta have faith!

  2. Anonymous re_ire=8 

    i really like this

  3. Anonymous icesmasher 

    dis song iz wel gd. i cnt stop lisnin 2 it. i fink it as a wel cachy beat. i also lyk da vid


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