Something For the Weekend - S Club Juniors / Gretchen Wilson

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S Club 8 – Sundown

Things I miss about the early ’00 pop scene:

Synchronised dance routines I always secretly wanted to learn.
Matching outfits with a two-colour scheme that rotated for every song.
Group acts with the prerequisite demographic blends of the cute one, the closeted one, the ker-azeee one.
19 Production productions
Evil svengalis who made you question parental sanity. I mean, leaving your children in a room alone with Lou Perlman or Simon Fuller?
Slick, meaningless pop that actually charted in the top 5… instead of, like, 12.
Pre-reality stage-school training grins.

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Bonus: ‘New Direction’ - dated but darling.

Gretchen Wilson – All Jacked Up

The girl knows about rhythm, that’s for sure. Rollicking along with jaunty twang and hip-swivel pacing, this breezes through a hard-drinking night on the town with general hi-jinx, debauchery and slick country production. Don’t drink and drive, y’all.

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6 Responses to “Something For the Weekend - S Club Juniors / Gretchen Wilson”

  1. Anonymous Trixie 

    People used to laugh at me for liking S Club Juniors. They were wrong, and they hadn't even listened to the songs! Some of them were pure brilliance.

  2. Anonymous Pierre 

    New Direction was just ridiculously good, withtout a doubt their best song. Poor the S Clubbers.

  3. Anonymous Debbie 
  4. Anonymous Debbie 
  5. Anonymous Debbie 
  6. Anonymous Emma 

    Great work! |


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