Busted - Thunderbirds Are Go

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“It always looks so cool/ When space-ships come out of the pool.”

The joyful amp-stack guitar riff leaps are no more; the boyband pop-punk crown hath been passed on, but in my mind, this trio shall live on – forever in a state of crazy prank-pulling and totally unrealistic self-perception. “But we’re a serious rock group!” they pouted, failing to make even the smallest dent on America – Charlie with his ferocious eyebrows, Matt with his Billie-Joe worship eyeliner, James with all the song-writing royalties.

Serious? I think not. And why would you want to be, with such triumphant anthems to offer the world? Bouncing with playful jaunt from the very first movie voice-over intro, I leap, I bound. Mattresses, couches, passing strangers, none are safe from my pogo antics! Oh, the frenzied string section! My, the shout-out chorus!

This is delirious pop joy of the highest order: enough to reanimate even the strung-along Thunderbirds themselves. (Anthea would be proud.)

Bonus: ’Air Hostess’ - “I messed my pants/ When we flew over France”!
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4 Responses to “Busted - Thunderbirds Are Go”

  1. Anonymous Kristen 

    I'm totally hooked on 'Year 3000' meself - a complete bundle of shiny pop joy!

  2. Anonymous WBS 

    the boyband pop-punk crown hath been passed on - to whom, exactly?

    Don't dare say McFly.

    Do not even go there.

  3. Anonymous WBS 

    Or what I mean to say - no-one's properly succeeded them, have they? Yes, they obliterated the whole trad boy-band thing in the UK, but McFly... McFly are just really weedy by comparison, so damn locked into their trad-ness, and dear me but their voices are quite probably even worse than Busted's. And this is from someone who never really liked Busted very much (in fact, I seem to remember loathing them) in the first place.

    The succession seems entirely down to the fact that they're 'from the same people who brought you Busted', much like Son Of Dork's success will be primarily built out of the fact that they feature James Out Of Busted.

    The Noise Next Door and Freefaller are pretty much walking stiffs, which leaves us with, er... My Chemical Romance, perhaps?

  4. Anonymous Abby 

    You're right, there hasn't been any worthy sucessor; I sort of see the "boyband pop-punk crown" as hovering in the air, lesser acts fighting between them and their spiky hair for its honour. Or something like that! Freefaller, The Noise Next Door... I shudder at their appaling-ness. McFly are a substantively different sound, based as they are on the 60's guitar sound rather than the American pop-punk legacy... We wait with bated breath.


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