Lene - It's Your Duty (Shake Your Booty)

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“Some people are born to shut up/ And sit behind a desk/ Some people are born to be safe/ And cannot take a risk.”

‘What’s the point of this?’ I get asked. ‘What’s the end result?’ The thing is, I’m not sure there is one. I don’t take ad money; I don’t tend to post what the labels want me to. Aside from the accidental odd freelance gig I’ve been approached for, this place is entirely about the mission of pop: the pleasure I get from knowing I’ve just introduced an amazing song into somebody’s life, despite the fact they may want to write off the entire genre wholesale out of misguided principle.

That isn’t to be underestimated. There are people – a hell of a lot of people – who don’t know who Robyn is. Haven’t heard Rachel Stevens’ album tracks. Wouldn’t recognise a Clor song; or refuse to listen out of a notion that mainstream pop is nothing but a genre of Westlife crap. Sure, they aren’t the majority of you reading; you are the fluxogram early-adopters. But finding it is half the battle – Petridis went in search and all he found was Pitchfork and MySpace. The hot party is harder to find, but worth the search. This is the good stuff – the joyful, transient moments that enrich and inspire me. I think about how much this music has brought to my life, just by being there to soundtrack my existence – and I don’t even listen to the pop for most of the time. Pushing these songs out into the ether is for my personal satisfaction alone. Never heard that Broken Social Scene before I posted it? Derive even the tiniest amount of pleasure from it? Then my work is kind of done.

Take Lene. She should be known – after all, there was Aqua. There was writing the masterpiece of 'No Good Advice'. There was a video with neon and secretaries and red leather. But no, her songs languish in the forgotten realms of pop, even magnificence such as this. Oh, relish with which she smirks! The thrust and slow drive of purpose and flippant pointlessness! So… She’s my gift to you today. And you probably won’t be changed forever by these four minutes, but maybe the song I post tomorrow will do it.

Bonus: ’Surprise’.
Buy ‘Play With Me’ from CD Wow for ridiculously little. Like, ‘£5/$8 with free delivery’ ridiculously little.

6 Responses to “Lene - It's Your Duty (Shake Your Booty)”

  1. Anonymous scenius 

    Surprisingly, this song hasn't changed me forever. You haven't changed my life forever since the S Club Juniors post :D

    I love the stuff you post, keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous Abby 

    It's always the S Club that does it!

  3. Anonymous kaile 

    I've always been more partial to Lene's "Bite You," off the same CD.

  4. Anonymous nay 

    She wrote 'No Good Advice'! that fact alone made me download this. Thanks for posting, oh and I agree more people need to know who Robyn is. Best pop CD of the year.

  5. Anonymous Trixie 

    Wow I didn't know she wrote No Good Advice.

    I've had this track since it first popped up but it didn't really catch me that time round. Listening to it again now and wow I really see what I missed. It sounds great. Another MS track for the list.

    Cheers lady!

  6. Anonymous abby 



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