Skye Sweetnam - Hypocrite

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“Angst schmangst/ No thanks/ Hope my record doesnt tank!”

God, I love these brat-pop anthems; evoking every memory I never had of that petulant head-toss youth. Wrist-bands and thick eyeliner; tantrums, tears and detention. I never was one for rebellion. I missed the bad crowd – I was more the straight A’s, reluctantly stereotyped teacher’s pet. Sure, I didn’t want to be so damn straight-laced, but when it came to the rule-breaking? My poor conscience couldn’t take it!

And god, isn’t this a sugar-rush kick to the brain? Not merely pounding, whiny teen angst, but pounding, whiny teen angst with cheerleader yells and meta!

That drum loop! The self-aware lyrics! The intake growl of ‘I’! But oh, the rushing crescendo of drilled electro chords and thrumming riff, and then her vocal repetition – by the time the ‘hey hey!s’ kick in, aren’t you just a slave to it?

Bonus: ’Number One’
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6 Responses to “Skye Sweetnam - Hypocrite”

  1. Anonymous David! 

    Hi! I just found this site today - it's incredible!

    Yays all round.

  2. Anonymous scenius 

    Damn you Poptext!

    Once again you have discovered the song to unleash my inner angsty teen girl.

    I can't decide if I like this in an ironic fashion, in a so-ironic-it's-no-longer-irony fashion, or whether I just plain like this.

    It's terribly confusing... but in a good way.

  3. Anonymous Nick 

    I'm probably the last to get the memo, but it's been racking my brain for a while now. What is meta?
    I find myself liking a lot of what gets this term but I have no idea what it means.

  4. Anonymous Brooke Valentine 

    Hey I've heard your Album Number One and it's sound pretty good and its perfect if you would come down to my place so you could get another album of your songs you could write with me and can make songs that could mix with R&B and can include Rock into it
    MMWAH Your sincerely
    Brooke Valentine

  5. Anonymous lala 

    i love this song don't dis it ? it's really the ugly truth, just like billy s. ( which rocks )

  6. Anonymous cassie 

    thats so kick ass


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