The Futureheads - Decent Days and Nights (Max Tundra Mix)

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Reasons I Adore This (YSI) (or here, for when the first link expires)

1. I’ve never heard a remix sound so unlike the original track, yet still be utterly in keeping with the band’s style. No frantic guitars, or crashing angular posing, but the essence of Futureheads is obviously malleable because this is still quintessentially them: experimental, pop joy.

2. The discordant splintered sounds manage to weave and overlay in a wonderfully harmonious loop, despite the initial jar of the listening experience. This isn’t passive stuff, but something engaging that demands you submit, tangling you up in the strands of melody.

3. It’s magical in an absurd way; the chords of an alternate universe built out of oversized tones and fantastical notes. This is Wonderland, this is Wonkaville; the underlying string shiver ominous but entrancing.

4. The painstakingly constructed precision is something else: so many incongruous sounds, so much repetition, but oh, how it works. And when the piano section tingles in against that cello, you’re suddenly light and falling.

5. And how the vocals layer to chant and ring, as you build and swoop with the subtle shifts in depth until the very end.

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