More Music, Less Talk (Sex Sells Special)

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Britney Spears - Breathe On Me (Jacques Lu Cont remix)

I could describe this in ways that would make my parents blush, but instead I’ll split that sensual word-count between these three songs that will keep you locked inside no matter how warm that sun shines. Coy? Perhaps. Cowardly? Indeed. But certain things are better left unsaid – even by a blogger such as I.

Ilya – Bellissimo

This glitters with the harsh shards of moonlight reflecting on broken glass in a dull cobbled back street (as you trip unsteady, arm intertwined with another). It seeps thick and slow like the wine in your bloodstream, and shivers like somebody has drawn their bow across the back of your spine with perfect sweetness.

Tricky ft Portishead – Hell Is Around The Corner

Oh, for 3am and the hypnotic hum of air-conditioning as you wait, cocooned in movement, head resting against cool glass and your sleep-filled eyes squinting at the blurs of neon night that pass. Strands that twist inside your skull, honey seeping down the back of your throat to pool in the pit of your belly.

3 Responses to “More Music, Less Talk (Sex Sells Special)”

  1. Blogger nm 

    hey, i just discovered your blog via fluxblog -- i love the tag "because life is too short to listen to snow patrol." nice tracks, thanks!

  2. Blogger Lex 

    oh, wow, Tricky - flashback to my 13-yr-old trip-hop-loving self! That song is so tactile. Portishead don't have anything to do with it unless you have unearthed a RARE REMIX though.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    A better song by Ilya is "Isola". go find that one, listen to it and tell me I'm not right.


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