BT ft. Rose McGowan - Superfabulous

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“Won’t you wake me up from this?/ All I need is a prince to kiss.”

Yeah come on, and turn it on.

Songs have their time; languishing on my over-filled hard-drive until that listen when they finally spark my synapses – the moment the resonance fires into something real. And now, back in a small town with dark falling on the heat-baked streets that lead nowhere, I need this. God I need this.

Poptastic provided, pounding and blissfully intense, it lifts me from this room with fairy-tale roses climbing across my window but a view I know by heart. I can submerse myself in that driving bass, that sarcastic vocal. The lazy demands that follow every line, the taunt, the urge.

A promise of vivid thunder in my stomach and Oh! The crash of chorus: heart-stop, pulse-shiver. Over and over and over, spiraling out of here in scrawling screams. 4.40 soaring moments away from reminders to keep the volume down. Away from the blinking curser on an empty page.

Give me a dancefloor. Give me my abandon. Get me far from here and the person I used to be.

Yeah come on, and turn it on.

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