Something For Everyone - PopText Retrospective

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This week: something special.
For the next seven days, every single song I've poptexted has a live YSI link*.

"Hang on!" I hear you cry with heady excitement, "You've been blogging since November. That's about fifty songs!"*

Indeed. See, back when I began, I didn't even post the music. And most of you reading right now will only recently have found me. Result? Lots of dead links, and reviews that only go so far to convey the joy of these songs. Every track I write about is amazing in some way, now it's your chance to catch up.

So welcome. Take some time to rummage around the archives; there you'll find music to like, music to love, and music to blow your mind with such force that you'll emerge a changed person.

It's good to have you.

*(or, as dear Max would put it, "Bero på, den här uppskattningsvis femtio schlager!")
**OK, so there are a couple of exceptions. Go listen to something else!

4 Responses to “Something For Everyone - PopText Retrospective”

  1. Anonymous Iammojo 

    "depend on it, these here about 50 hit songs."


  2. Blogger pageblank 

    Hey, thanks for the good posts! I appreciate the tunes.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    This is great Abby! So far I've liked all the songs you've written about, so I'm really exited. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Just found your blog the other day so this is *perfect* timing.

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!


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