Keith Urban - Days Go By

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“Days go by/ I can feel them flying/ Like a hand out the window in the wind.”

Time for some jauntiness! Some commercial country twanging, chorus woohoo-ing, boots ‘n’ hat ‘n’ thank you ma’am jauntiness to be precise. He may be the lost Wilson brother, but Keith sure knows his cross-over pop hit material, layered bass production precision and all.

This is a song to sweep you up in pace and energy; the bubbling underscore of verse chords seeming innocuous but really they pull you forwards, so soon to be overtaken with building bridge and then that magnificent crescendo chorus. No crash, no cry, but the delicious twang of speedy refrain and infectious lyric repetition, triumphant and joyful. Smooth production that you don’t even notice until the backing falls out; just his voice and that rhythmic strum, a drop of banjo, the surge of strings and then you’re swept away again in exuberant exclamation.

Summer and speed, breeze and possibilities.

4 Responses to “Keith Urban - Days Go By”

  1. Blogger Anthony 

    i hate his voice, it is so anemic

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    i love keith urban and his music; he is an amazing singer/songwriter/musician. days go by is such a fun song, and i love it!! everyone should get his album!!

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