Time for a Guessing Game

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“I think I’m going to need some therapy/ Oh babe I hope you’ve got a PhD/ Won’t you lay me on your leather couch/ I’ve got a lot I need to talk about.”

Must not post….Must resist….Cease and desists will ensue…..Must not…


I can’t help it, you need to hear this. Not because it will transcend everything you’ve ever heard - causing you to devote your life in worship to the [edited], [for top secrecy], [and lawsuit avoidence] girl - but because it’s damn fine pop.

I’ll say that again: Damn. Fine. Pop.

Solid structure, cute extended metaphor, jazzy tuneage. From the opening beats and funky chords, she had my attention (I say 'she', but really, this is yet another of those wonderous anonymous entities that could belong to anyone). The vocals are reminiscent of Xtina at times - when she reaches to belt the top lines: not particularly distinctive, but hell, they work for this while still retaining a distinctively ‘British’ pop feel.

The saxophone rumbles along, darting up from time to time as cymbals shiver and bass thrums. Swooping along, it keeps the tempo pulled tight all the way with fabulous looping refrain and jauntiness.

And oh, the jauntiness! Bounce and shimmy, my dear! Shake and twirl!

Because woven into the aural fabric of this is something irresistible. After all, what is spectacular disposable pop but a melody or refrain that cannot be stopped? A beat connecting to your hips; a bassline that tugs at your spine. This is it. This is repeat-playable. This is good.

Say it with me folks,


Now, guess who!

8 Responses to “Time for a Guessing Game”

  1. Blogger Eppy 

    The nefarious MP3 tags have given you away my dear!

    But yes, quite right on the analysis...

  2. Blogger somebody more like you 

    Thanks for the heads up: tags now fixed and super-secret!

  3. Blogger jeffro 

    oh, but it's no Alexis Strum!

  4. Blogger Ian 

    I have no idea about the singer (you'll tell us eventually, right?) but the backing sounds a bit Cowboy Bebop/Yoko Kanno to me.

  5. Blogger mark e 

    jo whiley played this yesterday (17/5) lunchtime .. so surely the'secret' is out ?

    tis fun stuff .. but a whole album of this would be tiresome.

  6. Blogger somebody more like you 

    Ahh, but how many people who read this page actually listen to Radio One?!

  7. Anonymous matty 

    wow, that's awful. i mean... goddamn. it's a fine line between upbeat and uppity.

  8. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Bah! 12k/s? JANet is failing...



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