Deep Dish - Flashdance

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"He hasn't met a girl like me/ Are you kidding?/ Well, I tell him that I'd rather die."

There’s a guy and a girl.

There’s always a guy and a girl. (Two guys and a girl, actually - if you want to peruse the Ryan Reynolds sitcom back-catalogue, but that’s another story.)
Feeling equals connection equals intimacy equals joy equals something falling apart at the seams, somewhere down the line. Seduction and rejection, bitterness and rage. Because amicable is a word for edited scenes on a foreign page – the world doesn’t work that way. How can it, when the drive of insistent chords keeps taunting you with the same boiling refrain?

The slow power of constrained anger in this song is a joy to behold; such taut venom, such delicious insouciance. Leave your jaunty, sweet songs at the door and paint the scene in monochromes: gun-metal grey, black reflected in petrol fumes. The world-weariness of drolly arched vocals cuts through the loop; she with the heart of glass staying deep in her dance noir lair.

This is steel in your stomach, ice water in your veins

3 Responses to “Deep Dish - Flashdance”

  1. Anonymous iammojo 

    insouciance :)

  2. Anonymous Herman Borjas Espinal 

  3. Anonymous Juan 

    This is shit men...why dont fauck everiboy?


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