The Like - What I Say and What I Mean

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“I don't think I've said my goodbyes/ Sometimes I just find that they keep sneaking up from behind/ Closing up the wounds/I suppose it's supposed to take some more time.”

Winter’s coming on in a sudden shiver, but in your mind there are still bluebells and a rumpled blanket of itching green. Pulling layers tight around yourself in the early dark you remember the warmth of half a year ago, now half a world away. The present is two seasons out of synch with your heart – you don’t belong here, but ‘there’ is only an idea that exists in your mind. Something haunts your dreams, but you don’t know what it means.

Oh, that everything you feel could be clustered into these three minutes of melodic musing! The tangled threads of the past, so easily summarised in a couple of well-chosen lines; the echo of memory, but a ringing bridge and delicious chorus.

Like the breezy smile faked for sanity’s sake, there’s so much more lurking here beneath exuberant chords; a turmoil that creeps to the surface to catch you unawares – energetic rhythm giving way to brief bursts of a hollow harmony. Insistent mantra of a surging chorus – moving forward, pulled back. Left to falter in inertia, but what beautiful indecision it is.

Bonus - ’Too Late’: Haunting and heavy.
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3 Responses to “The Like - What I Say and What I Mean”

  1. Anonymous Trixie 

    I got this through on promo a few weeks ago, and not hugely digging it to be honest. Quite enjoy how raw it sounds but don't think it's a very strong melody.

  2. Anonymous Abby 

    It was one of those which crept up on me: a few goes on repeat play and I was bouncing along!

  3. Anonymous Trixie 

    Oh dear, it's brilliant isn't it.

    /me hangs her head in shame of initial ignorance

    It's actually fabulous.


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