The Veronicas - 4Ever

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“I’ve seen it all/ I’ve got nothing to prove/ Come on baby/ Just make your move.”

Ever wanted a handy pop time machine? Simply grab the act of your choice, whisk their youthful selves to the present and see what paeans to kittens and rainbows Courtney would be penning pre-Kurt. Or how about wee Connor’s more jaunty musings – “Life is lovely and I’m really very happy”? What about some Donnas, from the days when they would blow your mind, not….?

No need!

Geniis that they are, the dear Veronicas have not only settled on the perfect girl/pop/rock sound, but they’ve solved the time travel conundrum to boot. Someone give them a Nobel prize already!

Their plucked-from-thin-air name begs comparisons, of course, but it’s not just that. These girls make the kind of irresistibly infectious, pounding pop tracks I like to imagine our Donnas dreaming up, long before they were corrupted by that tawdry life of random sex and debauchery. No backseats, just cute red indie-girl beads. No JD and passing it around, just crushes and teen angst, set against a joyfully melodic backdrop of perfect harmonies and thrashing drums. And oh, the joy of an uber-riff; driving the song towards that inevitable, all-conquering chorus with a restrained power that bursts into pure, gleeful celebration.

Bonus –Revolution: Did Feeder ever envisage their riff from ‘Buck Rogers’ would be appropriated to such triumphant ends?
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10 Responses to “The Veronicas - 4Ever”

  1. Anonymous Abby 

    Test Comment

  2. Anonymous Paul 

    Like the new look, but the comments thing is a bit loopy. :)

  3. Anonymous Marten 

    Loves the new look!

  4. Anonymous Nick 

    Very smart new look! We like!

  5. Anonymous e. 

    Gorgeous new look and the song is great too! I always forget about being all rockist when I visit your site.

  6. Anonymous Laura 

    Yayayayayay! Poptext looks totally hawt and now I won't be so thirsty for no-nonsense pop anymore.


  7. Anonymous Another Nick 

    Wow, really regret passing on your blog for so long. Big improvement w/ the layout. I love the Veronicas, are they possibly ghostwriting for Kelly Clarkson, or am I just completely missing the distinctions between their styles?

  8. Anonymous kara 

    i think you gize rock i got your cd as soon as it came out your lyrics rock well you both wear my kind of clothes and my style YOU ROCK!

  9. Anonymous kara 

    well i had to go cause i was in trouble well i went to the funeral for Robert H. kennedy he died in a car accident try to make a song about that to help people that would be great. love you gize kara

  10. Anonymous james 

    i would like veronica to poop in my pance for ever jest come to humboldt nebraska at the center park squre were we can meet one other


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