Videodrome - Death Cab For Cutie/ Kelly Clarkson

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Death Cab For Cutie – Soul Meets Body

Only this band can sweep me along in such a foreign tide of twee loveliness that I feel my heart tug as wafting musical notes are cruelly snatched from their soaring skies and dragged to meet their fate on barbed wire and in cluttered gutters. Yes, that’s right – animated musical notes. Such is the soft, melodic breeze of this song, it had me rooting for the drifting freedom of imagined icons. ‘Fly!’ I willed them, ‘Be free from this world of gravity and snark!’ Oh, for a horizon and soul-shaking wind to free me from this body like them – just for a little while.

Don’t download because they’re generous with their ‘cease and desists’

Kelly Clarkson – Because of You

“I told you so!” John Mayer beams with a smug grin, “There you were, chastising me for simplistic pop psychology, and all along I was right!” Quite. Seems our Kelly bears the demographic-friendly scars of a broken home, and has primed her confessional ballad for the contemplative Christmas market. ‘Tis certainly the season to angst about fathers, what with La Lohan milking her wayward ex-guardian’s misdemeanours for all they’re worth. Anyway, Kelly loved, he left, now we’re treated to the flashback-laden moral of the story. Don’t fight, parents, it tends to fuck the kids up.

Buy 'Breakaway

1 Responses to “Videodrome - Death Cab For Cutie/ Kelly Clarkson”

  1. Anonymous Trixie 

    Hmm not overly keen on that Kelly song. It's a bit 'Oh dramatic ballad' without any of her usual different slant on stuff.

    I do need to hear the full album tho.

    All fingers crossed on a Linkin Park / Kelly Clarkson collaberation for the summer of 06 yeah?



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