Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down

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“I’m just a notch in your bedpost/ But you’re just a line in a song.”

Sometime a girl’s just got to get her emo on.

You know what I’m saying. The time for complex interpretations of your inner landscape has passed. Throw out the Broken Social Scene playlist, friends: now it’s time for your petulant inner teen to party. Toss that imaginary fringe! Belt it out at full angst-ridden volume! Leap into the pain, my dear – harness that anger for musical good!

Melodic and crazy cool, with enough riffs and raffs and slo-mo-guitar-leaps to put even Busted to shame. This is the good stuff. Let it sweep you along in adolescent post-break-up bliss; follow the etch-a-sketch outline right the way through layers and breakdowns and power chord greatness. And that chorus! Oh, the surge; my, the infectious exuberance!

Tell me you can resist this. Tell me you ain’t yelling along as he goes down, DOWN! Tell me… Mwahaha! You know you can’t. Another anti-emoist falls at the feet of angsting greatness. My work here is done.

18 Responses to “Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Going Down”

  1. Anonymous MRSiPPY 

    argh. it ain't working !

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  3. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Oh no. Please don't post Top 40 songs. It kills me. Give me more Robyn. That's what I want!

  4. Blogger somebody more like you 

    But it isn't top 40 over here! Besides... If I ruled out that stuff, out would go the Kelly and the Ashlee and the... etc

  5. Blogger Sean 

    The link is dead again. :(

  6. Anonymous Anonymous 

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  7. Anonymous Anonymous 

    fall out boy are fabby, but dance,dance is a well better song, so if you like this go find it. other than that, i love poptext!woo!

  8. Blogger Steve Westphal 

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  9. Anonymous caley 

    When I first saw this video and the legion of kids requesting it, and especially the band's collective hairstyles, I REALLY wanted to hate it. But it wormed it's way into my head, and I really enjoy it now. I love it when someone's not afraid to post popular stuff they're digging. Why, if I had an mp3, I would totally post the new Sean Paul song. haha.

  10. Anonymous Kelsey 

    hi my name is klesey rae and i wanted to say that i really like this song...i heard it way to much on the radio ....but i really think...its reality lik eand i really can pertain to it

  11. Anonymous nikky couture 

    hey its the best song ever i no it buy haer me and my friend chloe sing it all the time wer upseste wit the song

  12. Anonymous becca 

    hi im Becca and im 11 and i love all of Fall Out Boys songs but this is one of my favorites!!!!

  13. Anonymous britani 

    I absolutely love sugar were going down.That is like one of Fall Out Boys song that totally rocks!I could listen to it all day and dance to it all night any body who disses that song is bad stupid and by the way the lead singer is way hot!!!Keep up the good work on your blog!

  14. Anonymous Marlee 

    hey i am marlee and i am 14 and i am totally in love with that song i love all of fall out boys songs but this one punked all the rest of them !!!

  15. Blogger Joe Fast 

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  16. Anonymous abi 

    i love fallout boy and this song is on my mp3 like all the time yet i still dont know all the words so i just have to listen to it more,but now i can get the lyrics which is totally rich so i can sing alongh all the way through yah!!!!!!!!!

  17. Anonymous John Rich R. Catoto 


  18. Anonymous Marlee 

    youi love you


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