Abs - 7 Ways

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“Loaded conversation and bad TV/ Losing our original chemistry/ Walking like I’m dancing on priceless art/ There are seven ways of breaking my heart.”

Ex-boybander in somewhat interesting solo record shocker! Yes, the one from 5ive – (no, not the one with bad foundation; no, not the one who looked more like Shrek than Danny Hear’say; no, not the scary one in a trenchcoat) – who at the time seemed like the boy least likely, actually turned out to be… the boy least likely. OK, so that first incredulous solo record event can be followed up with a ‘decent pop record in chart flop’ shocker too. Even with the monochrome colour scheme. Oh the shame!

Because as Ed O points out, this is Xenomania doing the Streets, only, instead of a nauseating anthem of monotonous misery for emotionally crippled men to sob into their pints of lager to, it’s actually good. With a perfectly understated melancholy and that delicious string refrain; the female vocals hushed and fragile, resignation with a light touch.

Bonus: ’Stop Sign’ - Bounce and sax and synth.
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6 Responses to “Abs - 7 Ways”

  1. Anonymous Bro 

    Stop Sign is brilliant. It's kinda like the solo male equivalent of one of Girls Aloud best tracks. Love the breakdown in particular.
    As for 7 Ways - nice, I think it's gonna be a grower.

  2. Anonymous Je Suis 

    "Stop Sign" is stupid good. I've never even heard of this Abs dude - thanx.

  3. Anonymous mantooth 

    I actually kind of liked "Little Miss Perfect," too.

  4. Anonymous Taryn 

    I miss Five. And this is coming from a rare American fan.

  5. Anonymous Trixie 

    I know Stop Sign but haven't heard 7 ways before..

    ITS FAB! Until the rap and the sloooooowwww down bit.

  6. Anonymous PopMuse 

    had this song been recorded by justin timberfake it would have been a big hit. oh right, it was, "Like I love You". Sorry.


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