Air - Run

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"Stay with me/ I feel sad/ When you run."

This song is winter. Even if the heavy tones rang out over green trees and warm, midday sunshine, I’d still be transported to a world of shivers and morning frost with a flicker of those ominous beats. Just the opening arrangement is enough to chill any passion or excitement from you, early dark nights creeping in with such foreboding that you pull blankets tighter around you. Hibernate.

And then the softening, initial haunting terror melting into chords more comforting – a transient lull in the dark – but it’s too late to shake that fear.

This is music of profound discomfort. Boundaries being pushed; personal issues ringing out. Veronica Mars, series 2, episode 8. The song backing the most disturbing discovery about a confined space since Wesley enjoyed his powertrip back in the Angel days. Oh, the art of the soundtrack.

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2 Responses to “Air - Run”

  1. Anonymous scenius 

    Air, Veronica Mars and Angel references all in the same post? Truly you are the queen of the blogosphere.

    As for the song, it's nice and edgy song--the sort that has launched a million slash vids (that's a good thing btw). Huzzah.

  2. Anonymous Hannah 

    Love this song....but the download link doesn't work ..i was wondering if you could fix that ...ThnX...awesome site BTW...


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